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This would be a superb time to put in an application for a mortgage, bank loan, or line of credit or to appeal to venture capitalists for an infusion of cash.

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You likely have expenses too, but you will be happy to send money to those you owe, including the government for taxes. It feels good to wipe the slate clean. The reason I am so enthusiastic about your ability to improve your cash flow in early October is that at the very same time the new moon appeared September 28 , profit-minded Venus was in ideal alignment with benefic Jupiter.

Venus rules your financial solar eighth house that you and I are discussing here, and Jupiter is traveling in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements. Mars will enter your eighth house on October 3, and that usually forces up check writing, but because Uranus is not involved, it will not likely be unexpected. You may have planned to pay certain people and companies, such as to make a tuition payment, invest in your business, or start a new project. When you start to concentrate on an assignment, time drops away. You forget to eat, sleep—you bond completely, one reason Pisces is often so successful.

Some people underestimate your potential, but they will be sorry later when they see how well you do in life.

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Printed on archival quality paper. Libra is so fascinated by the law that many go to law school to become lawyers or prosecutors. If you decide not to enter the legal field as a profession, you may marry a partner who works with the courts so that you can be near the compelling deliberations on ethics and justice. Other Libras make superb negotiators, diplomats, or ambassadors or work in politics, eager to make a difference by promoting harmony.

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The Egyptians invented the balance scales some 7, years ago to measure the harvest, and the scales were also central to their belief in a force of cosmic order within the human and divine worlds. The faithful knew of this and would strive to be pure of heart. This overriding need for balance in everything may well stem from the fact that you were born at the time of the year when light and darkness are even, although soon, as days go by, darkness will prevail.

In astrology, light symbolizes individuality, whereas night refers to partnership.

Libras love to be coupled up, and your sign is considered the prime sign of marriage. Libra needs a sounding board to bounce ideas back and forth with a partner.

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Even as a child, you likely preferred having a homework buddy, and chances are you did not want to work alone not unless you have strong Scorpio elements in your chart. Few signs are as talented at matchmaking, whether in love or business, for you easily and clearly see what each partner needs to be complete.

If you have a Libra friend who volunteers to make an introduction—let them! It may change your life forever.

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