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Registration is encouraged, and we have an indoor program in case of cloudy weather. We also host three other public stargazing events star parties at various locations in Central Texas. Use the links in our public events calendar to the left for schedule and registration. Can't come to one of the public events? We can come to you! We often will host private star parties at schools, churches, scout camp outs, and the occasional promotional event, at your location. Whether it is recognized or not, current trends are a conclusion of many years, and there is a rebirth underway.

The new cycle is to be welcomed, and it is calling everyone, including the entire global community, to a higher level of accountability. Look to your personal life.

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In what way, where and how have you been called to get real, step up, contribute and participate? In terms of timing, Pluto is going direct at 20 degrees, having first passed over this point in It may be helpful to revisit and consider the disruptions and challenges of last year. At that time, an in-between limbo opened with the stark realization. From now on, as Saturn and Pluto approach their exact conjunction in , we are entering a moment by moment regeneration phase.

A Full Moon on October 13 shines light on these themes within the context of relationship. First, Sun in Libra supports collaboration, cooperation and synergy.

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However, with the Moon in Aries, individuality and self-reliance are amplified. Conversations and decisions can be derailed through projection, blame, and black and white thinking. The chart for this Full Moon shows major implications on the national and world stage.

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Key alliances can strengthen while others fall away. After all, Libra represents the diplomatic peacemaker. Adding an interesting twist to this complex dynamic, Mars, the planet of aggression enters Libra on October 4, just as Mercury goes retrograde and Pluto goes direct.

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Independent and proactive Mars may be forced to consider other points of view, identify blocks, and bend to teamwork. Remaining in Libra through November 18, the next two months are very important in terms of negotiation on the national and global levels. Of course, there will be those leaders and countries listening to the drumbeat for war, while others look to diplomatic solutions in the effort to avoid all out confrontation. This shows a clear distinction between forces promoting toxicity and corruption, and powers promoting honesty, optimism and sustainability.

There is a touch of grace here, and providence opens doors of opportunity.