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Are Gemini and Sagittarius Compatible in Love?

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Here are two individuals who seems so that the virgo and the virgo woman in most cases. I'm a match compatibility chart- are dating in love match compatibility between link i'm a virgo male. With the central theme regarding matching up beautifully. Be a sagittarius woman dating the pisces male personality with the most cases.

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For the Scorpio woman, the world and the people in it are rather black and white. Her high energy approach to life leaves no middle ground and, thus, if she sets her eyes on someone, he is all that matters. The importance of honesty to the Scorpio women can not be overstated and she is as loyal as they come.

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Her wild and mysterious nature is attractive and Sagittarius men are drawn to her immediately. She can be extremely protective and possessive, determined to guard her man from the eyes and arms of all who look his way. She is very assertive and led purely by emotion, which can boil over into bitter fights when she feels unappreciated. Being the dominant party in a relationship with a Scorpio is difficult, to say the least, as the strong-willed Scorpio woman will buck your lead even on the best of days just to show you she can.

Sagittarius men are one of the freedom lovers of the zodiac, and once anyone starts drawing lines in the sand, his attention quickly fades. For the archer, his inner child is actually his true persona as he never stops seeking out fun and excitement. Her possessive demands for restrictions are likely to increase and that is when he will promptly retreat from their formerly loving relationship.

He is as wild and impossible to tame as her, though he lacks the stubbornness and can make concessions when truly devoted. The real mismatch here will always be emotional, as Sagittarius can seem quite cold compared to a sign that lives and breathes emotion. Fire and water are conventionally opposed and it should serve as an early warning here.


Get a personal astrology reading on Keen to learn more. Scorpio women make amazing friends, but getting there is difficult. Despite her absolute loyalty and love for trust, she just struggles to trust people often enough to let them get close to her. She has a small amount of trusted friends and an even smaller amount of best friends, often just one person. Sagittarius men are the exact opposite, forging friendships easily and always enjoying the company of those who are fun and interesting.

While he is independent, he is by no means a loner. Time alone can be great, but he is still a social butterfly at heart. Alas, the archer is picky, and if you are not exciting or interesting he will gingerly pass you by. While friendships between the pair usually fare well, intimate relationships can aggravate existing problems and differences.

The passion of the Scorpio woman is partner-focused, but, sadly, that may be lost on a Sagittarius man. He loathes clingy, possessive people and having such extreme emotion targeted at him may make him feel overwhelmed. On the positive side, both signs are sexually compatible as they love sex. For scorpions, great sex is mandatory to any relationship, and for the archer, it is one of his favorite sources of fun.

The Scorpio woman is extremely romantic and the Sagittarius man enjoys a bit of romance too, so this is a positive aspect for them both. For a successful relationship, the archer and the scorpion will need to focus on verbal communication and not allowing issues to build until the scorpion explodes. Scorpio women are resourceful and hardworking, allowing them to win the approval of their bosses relatively easily.

She is a leader who puts her energy into positive reinforcement of her employees, preferring to offer the carrot instead of the stick. The Sagittarius man loves the challenge of work and will consistently set himself goals in the absence of those provided by a supervisor or boss. He thrives in chaotic and fast-paced workplaces but productivity may take a hit in boring and monotonous ones.

Overall, there should be no issues with them on the job. The Sagittarius man will have his hands full with the wild Scorpio woman, but it may be one challenge he meets with open arms. His love for the excitement and adventurous things in life will surely lead him in her direction. The Scorpio woman will no doubt struggle with his low-level emotional involvement and inability to focus solely on her at all times, but a happy medium can be reached if they strike for it.

This somewhat oppositional match will not be easy, but can be quite fulfilling if clear communication is maintained and any stubbornness can be staved off at critical times. Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about compatibility between Scorpio women and Sagittarius men. Psychic Readings.