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  • Descendant Sign. Shani Sade Sati. People born under the Holly tree sign have the mystical unicorn, a symbol of purity, as their guardian animal. In ancient Celtic culture, the Hazel was associated with wisdom; anyone found guilty of chopping one down was put to death.

    The signs of the Druid Horoscope

    The guardian animal for Hazel Trees is the salmon, which was considered to be the wisest of all the animals. Vine trees have the beautiful and graceful swan as their guardian animal. Ivy Tree : September October 27 If you are born under the sign of the Ivy tree, then you are ruled by Guinevere, the fairy bride.

    Keeping with the light and airy theme, the butterfly is your guardian animal. Reeds can claim the loyal hound as their guardian animal.

    2. Rowan (January 21 – February 17)

    Elder Tree : November December 23 The Goddess Cailleach Beara, who was a mother figure among the deities, is associated with those born under the sign of the Elder tree. The animal symbolizing healing and protection, the raven, is the guardian animal associated with this sign. In much the same way that astrology is more than a person's Sun sign, the Celtic tree horoscope includes more than simply your "tree sign.

    Celtic Astrology by Phyllis Vega.

    Tree Zodiac Signs: What’s Your Celtic Tree Astrology Sign?

    They make great communicators and are often found performing for a crowd. They are clever strategists with strong sense of humor, but need to watch their temper. Oak June 10 — July 7 Oak individuals are charismatic, determined and self-motivated. They make great leaders and have an infectious optimism.

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    Their biggest downfalls are they don't always know when to keep their mouth shut and they tend to take financial risks. Holly July 8 — August 4 Holly signs are practical and strong, with a tendency toward perfectionism. They prefer to take a supporting role in work and relationships.

    They don't take criticism well and have been known to retreat from the world. They do great in banking and insurance. Hazel August 5 — September 1 Hazel people are clever and detail-oriented, often analyzing every situation. They tend to have low self-worth and a lot of nervous energy. Their strength is their mind. They are great planners and organizers, and often excel as scholars. Vine September 2 — September 29 Vine individuals are very refined and perceptive. However, they have a tendency to mood swings — being happy one moment and sad the next.

    Their kind and gentle nature helps them to do well in public service.

    Ivy September 30 — October 27 Ivy signs are exuberant and unique. They seem like the Energizer bunny, with a steady stream of energy that allows them to keep going and going.

    They're very friendly, funny and optimistic. Although they usually don't do well in school, they're so talented they often receive a lot of public honors and recognition. Reed October 28 — November 24 Reed people easily grasp the complex. They're great friends and leaders, but need to curb their jealous streak. They tend to be quite proud and do well when faced with challenges.