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Opposition Opposition forms when two planets are exactly opposite each other, meaning there is a difference of degrees in their placement. The planet in every 7th house from where a planet is placed in its opposition.

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Opposition works like Yin and Yang. While they are opposites, one is not complete without the other. There is a need for cooperation so as to establish harmony. Due to the conflicting energies, some irresolution and uncertainty in areas under the impact of the opposition.

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You need to maintain a balance, where one must coordinate with the other. Trine When two planets are degrees apart from each other, it forms a trine. Each house is of 30 degrees so four houses make up degrees, which means that if planet A is placed in 4th house and planet B is placed in 8th house, these two planets form a trine. In the chart above, Mercury is forming a trine with Moon and Jupiter.

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Square When two planets are 90 degrees far from each other, they are in square aspect. Mars form a square with Jupiter, which is separated by 3 houses. Planets in square are considered positive especially in Vedic Astrology. While this angle creates some turbulence between planets involved, it is necessary to spark an action.

The area affected by square the house where the planets are located is where you are quite actively involved and face challenges before finally succeeding. This is where you learn your lessons. Sextile When planets are separated by 60 degrees from each other, they form a sextile so planets 2 houses away from each other form a Sextile.

Sun forms a sextile with Mars in the chart above. Like trine, sextile also refers to opportunities and talents but these talents are not natural like trine. The talents and opportunities require effort if you seek to obtain any gains out of them.

Sextiles are communicative, meaning there is ease of communication between the elements that the planets involved represent, helping establish harmony and coordination. The energies have the potential to be put to effective use but efforts are required.


Year Popular Services. The 9th House of last birth is 5th House of this present Birth. To have a remedial measure work in this life, one needs to have his 5th and 9th House strong. The 5th and 9th House reveal the real nature of a native. The Trikonas have their own meanings.

Planetary Aspects: Trine

Here, the wealth is hidden. Without work, one cannot have name-fame and dhana! Even if all these Houses are spoilt, the 10th House never lets a person down — at least not for 2 square meals, if one works sincerely and honestly. That is why we never find any ordinary worker also sleeping hungry at night. The 3rd House signifies communications with people represented through the 7th House, through whom you will acquire gains the 11th House.