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So Arizona was a likely landing place after his life at sea, and the connection to politics via that location was built into his psyche. There is no asteroid Cindy, but there is a Cynthia, from which Cindy is a commonly derived nickname though in this case, Mrs. By all accounts this was a love match, and while Saturn may argue for some incompatibility, it also shows endurance.

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Incredibly, McCain is survived by his mother Roberta, aged Asteroid Roberta at 17 Cancer is semisquare his Sun and trine Saturn, ruling parents and longevity or old age. Asteroid McCann had been opposing Pluto, ruing both cancer and death, for weeks; now at 22 Cancer and conjunct asteroid Osiris , named for the Egyptian god of the dead, at 26, its opposition to Pluto at 19 Capricorn straddles the Horizontal Axis, with the Ascendant at 16 Capricorn and Descendant at 16 Cancer.

Although his diagnosis was a year old and his decline obvious, his end inevitable, it was only the day before that the family announced that he had refused further treatment, and most people expected he would linger longer than he did. So all four angles are covered for this incident, two with PNAs for the deceased, and two with images of death itself.

Johnny is slowing to station, and will turn retrograde a degree later, exactly conjunct the IC of this chart, on September 4. Johney also squares both Jupiter at 16 Scorpio and exactly squares Anubis at 23 Scorpio, named for the Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, again linking McCain with celebrity and politics both Jupiter and death Anubis. This Jupiter-Anubis extended conjunction, though separating now, has been in effect all summer, since the suicide deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain in June, and can be sourced to any number of celebrity deaths during that period.

Also squared both natal and transit Suns is asteroid Lachesis , named for the Fate who determines the span of life, at 2 Gemini, and asteroid Grieve, for the mourning process, at 0 Gemini. And in trine to both Suns is transit Saturn, ancient lord of death, also ruling government employees, at 2 Capricorn, also slowing to station, from where it will turn direct on September 6. Saturn opposes natal Johnny at 3 Cancer, which is itself conjunct Lachesis at 4, further personalizing this event to McCain. With Saturn, and also trine both Suns, is centaur Hylonome at 7 Capricorn, a point associated with grief.

Asteroid Cynthia at 0 Aries squares Saturn, identifying Cindy McCain as the bereaved spouse Saturn rules spouses and official consorts as well.

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There was very little on which John McCain and I agreed politically, but I respected him as a principled, honorable public servant, genuinely trying to contribute and improve the lot of his countrymen. His particular brand of compromise and willingness to find bipartisan solutions, as well as his readiness to speak truth to power, of whatever political stripe, will be sorely missed in Washington. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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McCain is greeted by President Nixon upon his return from captivity Mars itself squares Uranus at 9 Taurus, perhaps the source of that famed temper that made itself known in flashes of anger and a generally curmudgeonly attitude, moderated with an equally famous sense of humor and self-deprecation. John and wife Cindy, married for 38 years There is no asteroid Cindy, but there is a Cynthia, from which Cindy is a commonly derived nickname though in this case, Mrs.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We don't pick our presidents based on their Zodiac signs at least we hope no one does , but the trail to is long and winding, so let's have some fun, shall we? For starters, Joe Biden's Scorpio energy is sure to make debate clashes interesting.

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Among other observations, Brown suggested that Bernie Sanders' consistent message may have something to do with his Virgo sun sign, and that Kamala Harris' polished charm is part of being a Libra. Ahead, find out what the presidential candidates' astrological signs reveal about them — and which one is your Zodiac buddy. Women in the U.

Remember that all-women space walk that was supposed to happen in March? Well, after several months, a sketch on Saturday Night Live, and a swift scolding. Cheryl Horner McDonough wanted to make a different type of documentary about Parkland. Not one about the tragedy that transpired at Marjory Stoneman Dougla. Elizabeth Warren issued a far-reaching labor-rights plan on Thursday with one overarching goal: to put power in the hands of American workers.