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This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets. This is said to help the wearer learn how to express their feelings and ideas in a more eloquent and sincere way. This gemstone is part of the quartz family and comes in all kinds of purple, mauve shades. Another gemstone considered lucky for Aquarius natives is Amber. It is the symbol of courage and reaction. Orchid is one of those plants that denote grace and sensibility. This zodiac flower is advised to be used for gifts and decorations.

In ancient Greek, this flower was thought to determine the gender of an unborn child. This plant can be found during spring time.

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Platinum is known to represent power and wealth. This zodiac metal should be used in bracelets and other accessories. Being one of the rarest metals on Earth it is associated with exclusivity and prestige. Platinum is also used as a primary metal in automobile catalytic converters. As a personality, those born on February 16 enjoy helping others and being surrounded by a varied amount of people.

They might follow the intentions of those close at times and appear as they are striped of their personalities but what they are doing actually is being in love and devotedly supportive of their significant others. When it comes to their approach in their financial life, they have quite a traditional approach at times, using safe means of investment and so on.

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Speaking about health, they are prone to sleep issues and restlessness and even to some deficit disorders. Which do you think is most influential for people belonging to February 16? You can answer this poll and see what others think:.

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  5. This decan is under the supervision of the planet Venus. Those born in this period are affectionate and considerate just like a true Aquarius and passionate and attractive just as Venus makes them be. This period is said to temper the characteristics of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Being born on the 16th day of the month shows intuition, curiosity, attention and stubbornness. The numerology for February 16 is 7.

    This number reveals thoughtfulness, consciousness and high spiritual values.

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    In association with number seven, Aquarius becomes reliable, trustworthy and shows great moral values. February is the second month of the year, bringing great opportunities for progress. Those born in February are intelligent and attractive. February 16 Zodiac people are charming dreamers with a great imagination.

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    February symbols that resonate with these people are Garnet and Jasper as gemstones, Violet and Primrose as plants and the month of purification as stated in the ancient Roman Empire. February 16 is the 47th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and there are days left until the end of the year days in leap years. Sagittarius february 16 astrology. February 16 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality. Mercury enters Capricorn You feel more entitled to happiness and rewards, and this tends to bring positive opportunities into your life.

    February 16 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality They are dedicated to getting the maximum excitement out of life. Lucky color This is said to help the wearer learn how to express their feelings and ideas in a more eloquent and sincere way. February 16 Birthday Horoscope Sagittarius Daily Horoscope.

    February 16 Birthday Astrology HowStuffWorks When it comes to their approach in their financial life, they have quite a traditional approach at times, using safe means of investment and so on. Green is a safe color that transmits balance and harmony. This zodiac color should be used in objects around the house and accessories. People with green as sign color need to feel accepted and respected in their community. They are loyal and trustworthy companions. Green is favored by lively, generous people that have high moral standards and for whom doing the right thing is most important.

    The charming Emerald is the birthstone that is considered lucky for those Taurus natives with May Emerald symbolizes rebirth and is in a strong relation with the goddess of life. This zodiac birthstone should be used in all kinds of jewelry items that are to be worn frequently. This birthstone is beneficial for the heart, lungs, pancreas and eyesight and is also said to be a great immune booster.

    The name derives from the Greek "smaragdus" which means green. This gemstone comes in all kind of green shades. Another birthstone considered beneficial for Taurus natives is Lapis Lazuli. It symbolizes wisdom and honesty. This plant is known to symbolize grace and refinery. This zodiac flower could be used in gifts and accessories. The Greeks considered it was a plant of fertility and beauty. This flower is to be found during late spring and early summer.

    Copper symbolizes spontaneity and creativity. The zodiac metal could be used in accessories and jewelry items. Copper is a metal of currency and prosperity. One of the first materials discovered by mankind, this metal is said to bring prosperity and influence romantic affairs. In general, those born on May 15 pursue stability and pleasures in life and most of their vision revolves around these two aspects.

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    In love and family they stand for those dear to them every time and they often take time just to ensure that their decision take everyone in consideration. They are great at managing money, they can offer great financial advice and are also great team players, if they achieve something it's through their determination and their ability to manipulate others to work for success. As for health, they catch colds easily and suffer from neck pain as they grow older because, as a sign, they are quite sensible in these areas.

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    4. What do you believe is the best thing people belonging to May 15 were offered by mother nature? Share your opinion by answering this poll:. This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Saturn. This is representative for people who are resourceful and ambitious just like Taurus and financially wise just like Saturn. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of Aries zodiac sign, slightly enhancing the negative ones.

      Being born on the 15th day of the month suggests pragmatism, responsibility and a lot of talent and devotion. The numerology for May 15 is 6. This number reveals responsibility, affection and a domestic approach to life. Those Taurus associated with the number 6 enjoy spending time with families and building a safe environment for those they love. May is the fifth month of the year, bringing great opportunities to plant the seeds of success for later in the year. Those born in May are affectionate and understanding.

      May 15 Zodiac people are strong willed and generous.

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      May has as representative symbols the Lilly of the Valley as plant, the Emerald and Aquamarine as gemstones and the roman goddess of spring. May 15 is the th day of the year, or the th day in leap years, in the Gregorian Calendar and there are days left until the end of the year. The seventy sixth day of spring, this is also the International Day of Families as recognized by the United Nations. Taurus comes seventh on the list of most common to least common zodiac signs amongst births. Even numbered sign, it is of negative polarity and considered to carry a feminine symbolism.

      This describes introvert natives who are reflective and calm. Amongst the archetypes used to characterize this sign there is the Artist. It seems spring birthday people are not so keen on sports as they are registered nine per cent less active. Author: Denise.

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      Lucky numbers: 1, 7, 15, 19, Motto: "I own! Love and Compatibility for May 15 Zodiac. Lucky color. The color for Taurus natives born with the May 15 is green. Other colors representative for Taurus are pink, yellow and most earth tones. Representative birthstone.

      Characteristic flower. The lucky flower for those born under the May 15 is Poppy. Other plants that suit Taurus natives are Violets and Lilies. Symbolic metal.

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      The metal for Taurus natives born with the May 15 is Copper. Another metal considered lucky for Taurus natives is Steel. May 15 Zodiac Poll.