Astrology december 29 2019 solar eclipse

But as this is literally the revelation of our collective shadow, the energetic effects of a blood moon can be more personally felt and emotional than solar eclipses, yet they are no less transformational. New information that changes your perceptions of situations you thought you know everything about, have a habit of showing up during eclipse season.

Secrets find their way to the surface and missing puzzle pieces often fall miraculously into place. So, you thought life was happily rolling along just fine and dandy in the direction of your choice? Eclipse season has a sneaky way of turning life as you know it on its head. When a solar eclipse hits, the stream of solar light we all rely on for life itself is interrupted. The reset button is being hit.

And when the system reboots, and light and life twinkles through again on the other side, the life you thought it was in your best interest to live very often just falls away. This could take the guise of bad luck and disaster think loosing your job, writing your car off or someone you love being taken ill. OR of unexpected, unimagined good fortune more like the job of your dreams falling out of the sky, or your twin flame walking into your life.

Or slowing down, to fit it all in. Lunar eclipses, in particular, are notorious for leaving no stone of the personality unturned. And whilst the kind of truth-telling ushered in by eclipse season may hurt at first, long-term it will serve us all so much better. But every ending brings a brand new beginning and eclipses are as much about new starts as they are about endings. Eclipses affect us all differently, depending on our own sensitivities and personal horoscope. Find out more about how to get, and interpret your personal astrology chart here.

If the eclipse falls in your first house or occurs close to your birthday within 5 days then you should also be vigilant and take extra care of yourself during eclipse season. So try to release your resistance to unexpected events and surrender to the flow. Eclipses are course-correctors. They only uproot you out of one situation, so that you can be re-planted into another, considerably more aligned set of events. So save yourself any more heartache, and trust the guidance of the Universe.

See what else needs to be revealed.

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Try not to react to the first inkling of truth — there may still be wires that need uncrossing first. You will want to practice patience. Keep a sense of humor. This too will come in handy. Take your time. Do not be in a hurry.

It is a good time to go slowly. Your brain shifts into the subconscious when Mercury is retrograde. Life can feel like you are moving through a dream. It is wise to double-check facts and information.

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Important details can be missing. Your Personal Vision Path in You create your reality by what you think and what you do. Create inner peace that will replace anxiety and fear. Use your heart and mind to improve your life and business. A life that you build based on your deepest values. This empowers you to overcome obstacles. What would you do if you were ten times bolder?

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