February 16 weekly horoscope

As an Aquarius born on February 16th, the first thing anyone would say about you is what a great thinker you are. Charming and eloquent you also have your own way of using words and this helps you even in the most unexpected of situations. You are strong, stubborn and brave so you rarely hesitate to take initiative when the occasion arises. Prepare to read a special report below. The zodiac sign for February 16 is Aquarius. Astrological symbol: Water Bearer. This symbolizes the nurturing, progressive but also simple lives of these individuals and of a perpetual replenishment process of the whole earth.

It influences people born between January 20 and February 18 when the Sun is in Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign. The Aquarius Constellation is spread on an area of sq degrees between Capricornus to the West and Pisces to the East. The Greeks call it Idroxoos while the Spanish say it is Acuario. Opposite sign: Leo. This suggests authority and vanity and shows how Leo natives are thought to represent and have everything Aquarius sun sign people ever wanted.

Modality: Fixed. This quality indicates the stubborn nature of those born on February 16 and their change and efficacy regarding most life experiences. Ruling house: The eleventh house. This suggests a territory of higher expectations, dreams and friendship that is just right for the idealistic Aquarians who can only thrive when surrounded by creative social supporters. Ruling body: Uranus. This celestial planet is said to influence fearlessness and seriousness.

It is also to be mentioned about the tidiness of these natives. Uranus sometimes reflects on some erratic life patterns.

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Element: Air. This is the element of mobility and emotional wit benefiting people born on February It suggests an amicable and flexible individual who often connects people together. Lucky day: Tuesday. This is a day ruled by Mars, therefore deals with wish and center.

February 16th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

It suggests the humorous nature of Aquarius natives. People born on February 16 are creative free thinkers that don't allow others put any ideas in their heads. They not necessarily have an opinion about everything but they prefer to judge things with their own minds. They love fighting for a cause and are usually involved in some sort of humanitarian effort. They avoid routine at all costs and feel most at ease when they manage to gather their friends altogether. Positive traits: Truly entertaining and with an positive path to live, these natives often light up the places they go and charm people they meet at a glance.

They are great at connecting with their peers and often rapidly jump to help them. They sense what others need and often take initiative. They are quite unhesitating and don't give up easily. Negative traits: Aquarius needs to learn to think before they act as they can sometimes be hasty due to wrongful impulses. Those born on this day are superficial emotionally and bull headed tempers. They are prone to mood transformations and can become aggressive when other people don't agree with what they have to say about something. They are cold and detached because they keep avoiding displaying any kind of true emotion to other people.

Lovers born on February 16 are versatile and ingenious. Life is bound to be busy. Your social life, for example, could be a whirlwind, or you might decide to explore new territory, which could leave you feeling the need for a firmer foundation. None of this will last long, so it might be a case of enjoying it while you can. Just remember to ground yourself from time to time; otherwise, you could find yourself floating off! This interpretation of your birth chart is written in simple language could be beneficial in self undestanding.

Merlin Report. Cancer : The transformation theme continues this week, so examine your life to assess what can stay and what needs to go.

February 16th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

If you would benefit from rejuvenation, then a session with a healer or therapist could enable you to feel better about yourself. The aim is to leave some troubling aspect of yourself or your life behind. By February 12 and the First Quarter Moon, you will have some sort of progress, when it feels as though constructive developments are taking place. Indra Report. Simply spending time with people you like will be a tonic, helping you to feel more positive about any difficulties you are experiencing. Meanwhile, Jupiter in your fun zone reminds you that the point of life is to enjoy it so reactivate an old hobby or discover a new one.

Fall in love with something or someone. Invite more color and spontaneity into your life. Make space in your daily life for things you enjoy, and your zest for life will soon return.

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Child Astrology Report. Virgo : Organization and careful planning are at the root of success. We only have to look at the lives of people who live chaotically to see how a life without order results in failure. This could mean sorting out your paperwork, getting up and going to bed at the same times each day, eating regular meals or taking breaks between busyness.

Assess how you function, and try to spot where you would benefit from being more organized and efficient or where you could implement routines that would support you in accomplishing tasks. Want a birthday to birthday practical guide to help you recognize opportunities and to learn from them. Astrological Solar Return Report.

The simplicity of life in the old days is well and truly gone. As the Sun journeys through your house of fun, you might be longing for a more carefree existence or certainly one with more heart-centered enjoyment. It could help to scrub a few things off your to-do list by doing something enjoyable. The best way to do that is to do more of what you enjoy and a little less of what feels like a drudge. Want to know the actual dates when the energies will influence your life in money, career, relationships, and communicaton?

Astro Forecast Report 3 months. Scorpio : Your advice this week is to expect the unexpected, as your ruler Mars joins Uranus to create a melting pot of excitement. The arena of work and your service or your day-to-day life is perhaps the area in which you can expect to see developments, and your health may potentially suffer from a little too much activity.

If you can find spaces to rest during the activity, you will fare better. You might meet someone who will be a lifetime friend or loved one. Others naturally seek you out and love being with you. If attached, your sweetie will dominate. You probably will not mind, as he or she dotes on you. Try to make this experience mutual.

Leo makes a great friend. You might be deeply reflective, yet fiery and ready to take off. You handle this dichotomy very well, though others are often confused by your stance. Successfully deal with a matter close to your heart before dusk. Your boss has a long list of to-do's. Your present perspective of the big picture could add to your somber mood. You could become more upbeat if you accomplish the lion's share of your work early on. All eyes turn to you. Others clearly need your help.

You might be distracted by a sudden attitude change from a key person in your life. You can worry about the situation, but it will not help. Instead, try to relax. Take time for a chat with a friend. Keep reaching out for someone who makes you feel great and helps you open up and identify with others. Your adaptability is your strong suit. Move through a difficult situation.

Walk in another person's shoes. Work with the unexpected, and help anchor in what might be needed. Your cheery personality emerges when dealing with others. You laugh and others move in closer.

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Your very nature creates friendship. You have felt better in the past. Nevertheless, you could be questioning which way to go. Your sense of humor comes through, lightening you up some. You might be surprised how this situation works itself out. You might want to try another type of activity or do something very different. Your sense of humor emerges, helping others breeze through a somewhat difficult time.

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You have a lot to do and much energy to complete it. Take a stand if you feel it is important. Another person could be pushing very hard to have things tumble his or her way. Imagine the possibilities of changing gears and becoming more innovative. Consider following others' lead. You might want to move forward and attempt something totally new and experience-oriented. You could be anchored and want to move in a particular direction. Pull back and decide if this desire is grounded and will lead to success. You like what is happening around you.

You could be set back by what is happening.

Be sensitive. Listen to what is needed; a new beginning is possible. You feel more connected and cared about than you have for a long time. Express your feelings. Make the best of a difficult situation. You could be quite serious in your pursuits today. You might want to pull back some to create space and time to rethink a personal interaction. Midday, you suddenly could feel energized and content. Your personality seems to charm and intrigue many people.

Question what might be best to do under the circumstances. Open up talks, allowing greater give-and-take. Horoscopes for Saturday, Feb. LEO July Aug.