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Most people in these communities are aware of their day birthday and the priests named Aj Kin or "Day Keepers" are honored individuals.

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Counting through the day calendar gives them the power of divination. Corn seeds and crystals grabbed from within the Day Keeper's bag are arranged in a grid formation on a table or flat surface. Starting with the day of the divination, they count through the seeds and crystals, stopping on a day when they get a feeling referred to as "lightening blood.

A single divination ceremony counts through the seeds multiple times, stopping on 3 or 4 days names along the way.

In common practice, divinations are requested by community members who are looking for advice. The cause of illness, business questions, marriage plans, and planting advice are among the more common questions asked. There are said to be shrines peppered throughout the highlands, one for each day of the calendar.

Mayan Calendar

Most are in Guatemala, but a few are said to be located in Honduras and Chiapas. Another handful are located in Guatemala's Peten rain forest. In all cases, they are in a natural place - a mountain top, a river valley, a cave, etc.. Day Keepers are required to pray at these shrines occasionally, sometimes on the day of that same name, other times in response to the results of a divination. For example, 8 B'aatz 8 Monkey is an important day for priests to introduce their apprentices to the Earth Grandfather, called the Mam.

Prayers take place in various places, but usually around a freshly built Maya altar. An altar consists of a set of six colored candles arranged to represent the four directions and the center. Red for the East, white for the South, yellow for the West, and black for the North. In the center are placed two candles, blue and green. The Maya word of these two colors is the same, yax. Flowers, incense, chocolate, and other items are arranged in a cross connecting all the candles.

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The altar is then lit on fire and tended as the Day Keeper prays in front of it, walks around it, and pours alcohol at it's four corners. You should see the color images if properly set up. There must be 24 pages, 12 front plus 12 back. Delete spaces or adjust the margins if there are more than 24 pages. Rich Text format. For use with many word processors. Does NOT work with Wordpad. You may have to manually re-order each paper sheet order before printing the backs depending on your printer.

Download the image archive and the Daykeeper rtf file above. Unzip the image archive and save the files in the locations specified for your operating system. The images need to be stored in the exact folders, the Daykeeper rtf file looks for the images there. The Daykeeper rtf file may be located anywhere.

Test how to turn over the papers to print on the back. You may want to use black ink only during testing. Remember how the paper needs to be turned over. When you get that correct then print the entire planner. Print the entire day planner.

There are 12 pieces of paper used when printed on both sides. You may have to adjust the margins to work with your printer, but you need to end up with 24 pages in the Daykeeper rtf file.

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Print the 12 front pages, turn the stack over, page one should be on top with the orientation so page 13 prints on the unprinted side, then put the stack in the printer again and on the backs of them, print the backs. After the first 12 pages are printed, you will have to turn the pages with the correct side up and with the correct side entering the printer first.

You will have to adjust the sheets so that page 13 of DayKeeper goes on the back of page 1 of DayKeeper and so on. Make sure the orientation is the same, that is be careful that the tops are correct. Make sure the wavespell numbers are in order. The numbers are at the beginning of a wavespell:"Wizard wavespell 2 ". Also the kin numbers must start at 1 and go to Fold the day planner and staple on the crease. Use a long reach stapler or open a small stapler up and manually bend the staples or make holes in the crease and stitch.

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If all else fails, print 1 sheet of paper at a time in this way; Print options choose to print one page: print page 1 then on the back page print 13, print page 2 then on the back page print 14, print page 3 then on the back page print 15 and so on until all 12 sheets are printed Check that you have the correct operating system selected.

By reconstructing the third-dimensional space suit, the human body, with its fourth-dimensional holon, galactic time is the direct revelation of the law of the kin. In the law of the kin, all kin are equal. It is for the planetary kin, equal and free, to create a path of power for the rainbow nation that is completely liberated of all institutions, money, war, poverty.

I organize in order to dream Balancing intuition I seal the input of abundance With the rhythmic tone of equality I am guided by my own power doubled. Moon Phase. Kin Dreamspell Prayer.

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Tue Nov 12, Mayan Tzolkin. Rhythmic Night. Enter Gregorian Date using numbers: Month. Year to Jose's spirit and teachings go on. The ages or baktuns are arranged in the image, a new golden age is forecast in the time of the now beginning Aquarian age. Step 1.

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